Imagine a world where you can have whatever you want.

There is no limit to how far I can walk, how far I can go. Endless roads with endless characters on every corner.

Endless lips to kiss, and lips to endlessly kiss.

A limitless supply of boredom if I want to, an infinite stock of energetic productive impulsiveness to tap into.

Every kind of food – enough food to surprise me everyday of my life. To have food on my plate, to experience it differently everytime. Same food, different taste, different food, same tasteā€¦ but different.

Textures. Patterns. Schematics. Schemes.

Things to avoid, things to dodge, things to brighten, things to pet.

Something new around every corner, a warm jumpscare, a familiar type of brick, a hairstyle that makes me smile.

Colors of every kind, somehow never boring. Beds of every kind of comfy, sofas to crash on.

A reframable world, looking at me as I look at it – non-judgingly. Whatever I justify, this world will allow me to do it.

The deepest most tragic loneliness, next to the deepest most wonderful loneliness. All in the palm of my hand. Whatever I choose for myself.

An endless experience machine.

As the moth flies over my head at midnight, I see the light.

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