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It has become clear to me, perhaps a little late, how right or virtuous the views of previous generations/societies are.

And the numerous times its been voiced to us (the virtuous truths, by previous generations) in good faith but complete vain.

Because i also see how no effort, or much lack of it, was put into teaching these truths or wisdom – which is very different from merely stating wrong behaviour.

So a lack of education about teaching (patience, communication, connection) is really what explains this lack of effectiveness in passing on wisdom

(As well as basic mind-education in the child for them to support an understanding of this wisdom, or retain it)

We can effectively categorize three kinds of ‘passing on wisdom’ in increasing order of effectiveness;

  1. Stating their wrongdoings and instilling shame as a means of correcting behaviour
  2. Teaching the consequences of their wrongdoings and giving them a path of what is the better choice
  3. Encouraging them, with curiosity to understand their wrong view, establishing a connection of compassion that leads the child to follow in your footsteps. (Inspiration requires no active teaching)


Ive also noticed how different most products are (consumables) in west and east. While the west merely focuses on taste and fore mostly brand — a great percentage in most asian countries i’ve been to, the focus is on its individual component benefit. That means its medicinal use, its properties, its aid.

‘This is cooling, this retains hydration, this makes rest easier, this calms the nervous system, this decreases libido, this calms parkinsons, this heals infections.’

Many many such cases where there is a great intentionality in the choices of the components in consumables or dishes.

I see much attachment to food in the west merely due to poor tradition and trends – and a lack of mind+body education. While neither healthy nor in any way specifically beneficial – specific foods are still religiously consumed.

It really shows the difference in how a foundation of sati (mindfulness) shapes life. Allowing us to feel or see what our body currently needs, and act or treat accordingly.

And that a knowledge and wisdom of herbs have been nurtured, studied and maintained.

In fact all food should be of purpose, and no more than to feed the body. Not feed desire.

When we feel no hunger, but merely what the body needs. That is a wise state of mind.


Lastly ive come to note that we’ve come to a point in the development of society that we might (rarely) have seen in previous ones. Or at least; i just want to point at how ridiculous it is.

Our society, even outside most cities have come to be governed by merchants.

The natural caste has skewed.

The independent, the non-biased, the non-interdependent, the appointed-for-the-people king no longer exists in service.

The head which maintains the harmony between the ordinary lay people, mechants, brahmans (creators) and ascetics does not exist anymore in divinity. 

We have given the merchants complete power over us and at the same time craving to be completely dependent on them.

Through this power given to them, they have dismantled the structure of the virtuous king.

Through our mindless dependencies, we allow ourselves to be bought for money. Our time, our mind, to be stripped from us, from our children. 

I urge all to decrease dependent origination, and increase the cycle of cessation.

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