The great wonders of not you

You didn’t tell this story, neither did i.

“I have an existence”

“I might have swallowed that existence some time ago – I forgot”

“I am that existence”

“That existence is bothering me”

“This is how I feel about my existence”

“I am told that I am now my existence, and that means that no matter where I go my existence will follow”

“Me and other people justify my existence to provide resolution in the form of comfort and something to blame on”

“I identify with my existence because I was told to or because I feel comfort in using it as an excuse”

“I am afraid of being alone, as all humans are, and by all means possible I find a way for people to urge and help me. An egoistic perversion for people to bring me happiness in the form of attention, instead of generating it myself”

There is not one existence, not one reality.

Your existence is your reality.

“Existence is bothering me”.

Whats better than not existing? Freely existing

What you assume is your reality. What you assume for yourself, is what you assume others assume about you.

“Existence is causing me a lot of problems, in fact, I don’t think I will ever work through my problems to reach the things that are not problems”

“I identify with my existence”

“Because I exist, that means I am my existence”

“I am my existence”

“I only exist, because I identify with it”

“I am a symbol for my existence, so are my actions. So is my name”

“My shape is my symbol of my existence”

“Everyone can define my existence, but that wouldn’t be my existence. I could choose for it to be me – but then I become a hostage”

You will never be free if your existence has been served for you. Only you can truly make yourself exist. Only you can manifest your true shape from the heart. Your true shapes. Your true existences.

“Just because I have an existence, doesn’t mean that I exist”

Freedom is the undefined. Freedom is the power of not defining. To detach, to stop from  existing.

“I was taught that my and my existence are exactly the same, but I have a feeling that we’re not”

“It’s actually not my existence at all”

“I have defined my existence”

Trouble is, existence doesn’t wait. The moment you have finally grasped what you define as existence, the moment you reach a conceptualization, you’re already not in the now. 

Holding on, to what you once was. It’s what makes you sink with the ship – holding on to a vessel, a shell. Stubbornness is what makes you hold on. Fear makes you stubborn.

The vessel of undefined, un-predetermined existence. To be painted however you like, as often you like. Moldable, renamable … rebuildable. Killable, and available to be used as inspiration for a new one and for others.

Existence is perception. Perception is reality. 

“My existence is defined by others, and others existence is defined by me”

Your existence told this story

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