The 3 stages of fever delirium tripping

(transcribed into text, an experience by Aaron Thomas)

102f 38,89c

“Sick. The fever starts making you delirious. Essentially things starts to get a little fuzzy – your senses. Almost like being over-tired, or not having eaten in a while. It’s nothing you can’t handle. 

This is also the start of the cold sweats (not consistently though, it arrives in waves)”

103f 39,44c

“At this point I was essentially full delirium. Fully immersed in the iceberg. Starting to lose control of your senses. 

You will feel very fatigued, achy and with a headache that feels like a pressure in your skull.

Obviously sweating bullets at this point – feeling hot and cold.”

104f 40c

“I have lost control of all my sense. My body shutting down. I stopped sweating. No spacial awareness. When trying to stand up it felt like having spun around really fast – like just having gotten up from bed (but as a constant state). 

Dizzy. The heat is overwhelming. 

I can’t think straight, body still shutting down. A very low energy state.

Intense pressure, like a build up – ready to be released (feels related to the heat)

Like being cooked inside out. My brain is boiling.

Body cooking, brain boiling.

You can think straight – the boiling alters perception.”

Second experience:

“This time it was after having broken my ankle, and having gotten surgery – painkillers. Oxy and vicadin. I decided to mix them. “I wanted a little extra”

My body couldn’t handle it. Started to shut down. Started to overheat (like the fever).

The main goal here is to cool down as fast as you can. It rises fast. Really only 15min before you start overheating – so act fast.

I stripped naked, and just laid down on the kitchen floor tiles. Ice packs on me. Thank god mama wasn’t awake”

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