This is a story about a lamp. 

A lamp learning to shine it’s light on the world. To show itself to the world.

You would think that it would start with it’s loved ones, but since it is a perfectionist and at the same time very fond of the well being of it’s loved ones – it chose to only shine it’s best light at it’s loved ones. 

They deserve that. They deserve only that light.

That lamp isn’t always that lamp.

That lamp flickers, that lamp got different hues. That lamp got demons.

That lamp isn’t always playing nice with itself – or others. So it must hide. From it’s loved ones that is. Shut them out. Leave them in the dark.

“For their well being”

They don’t deserve to be subjected to that light.

“It’s dark in here”

A lamp trying to get rid of the pain it can inflict on it’s loved ones, by not subjecting them to any major spectrum of it’s light. 

A poor pinhole.

A knight fighting in absence for his empire.

How equally ironically sad and beautiful.

Any part of that light is that lamp.

Don’t be that lamp.

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