A note left on my fridge

It’s an incredible feeling and experience to fall into yourself. 


Somehow a privilege.

An ode to hedonism.

It’s not narcissism if it’s only me.

It’s not narcissism if it’s only you.

Opening my heart.

Priming my consciousness.

Feeling the edge of the self, as a self-manifested wall falling (apart)

Letting in a glimpse. A vision.

Breathing in is breathing out.

My body is reality.

The only material I can call mine.

Banishing my loved ones because they deserve better than I could ever do.

Human means trying.

Stress and struggle is fear 

(of loss)

(the ultimate one being death).

Everything is an illusion, none the less believing makes the illusion real.

Dream or not, still more tantalizing than physical reality.

The sun gives, the moon takes.

The Divine Upload

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